Announcements 12/7

The Immaculate Conception of Mary
Holy Day of Obligation - Mass will be celebrated at 10am and 7pm on December 8th.

Mass for Our lady of Guadalupe 
Mass will be Thursday December 12th at 10:00 am.  Traditional songs will sung at 7pm.

LAs PosadAs
St John Vianney’s Las Posadas will be celebrated December 19 from 5-9pm. This celebration originated in Spain and is now celebrated chiefly in Mexico, Guatemala. This is Family Friendly celebration and there will be pinatas & surprises. All are invited! Pot Luck Dinner - Feel free to bring a dish.

Simbang Gabi Celebration 
St John Vianney’s Simbang Gabi will be celebrated at the 10:30 Mass on Sunday, December 21 and the feast will follow in the Social Hall.


2nd Week of Advent
Immaculate Conception of Mary (Holy Day of Obligation)      Mon, Dec 8       Mass at 10am & 7pm
Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass                                                 Fri, Dec 12         Mass at 10am
Our Lady of Guadalupe Traditional Singing                          Fri, Dec 12         6pm
3rd Week of Advent
Christmas Pageant Performance                                           Sat, Dec 13        6pm (After 5pm Mass)
Pot-Luck Dinner in the Social Hall                                         Sat, Dec 13         6:20pm (After the Pageant)
Additional Confession Time                                                   Sun, Dec 14       8:50-9:45am
Christmas Pageant Performance                                           Sun, Dec 14       9:30am (After 8:30am Mass)
Annual Advent FF Party in the Social Hall                            Sun, Dec 14       9:45am (After the Pageant)

Christmas Pageant Performance                                           Sun, Dec 14       11:30am (After 10:30am Mass)
Christmas Coffee Hour                                                            Sun, Dec 14       11:50am (After the Pageant)       

4th Week of Advent
Additional Confession Time                                                   Sun, Dec 21       8:50-9:45am
Simbang Gabi Celebration & Feast                                       Sun, Dec 21       10:30am (Feast follows Mass)  
Christmas Eve Mass                                                                 Wed, Dec 24      7pm only (No 10am Mass)
Christmas Day                                                                          Thur, Dec 25       10am
DEC 26 No morning Mass                                                       Fri, Dec. 26
DEC 29 No morning Mass                                                       Mon, Dec. 29 

Our Mass setting for Advent through Easter is the Mass of New Life, found in marked pamphlets in the pews. The Roman Catholic liturgy is best when sung, and as we sing the Mass together, we form ourselves into the Body of Christ. We encourage everyone to sing the prayers of the Mass at the 5:00 Vigil Mass (Saturday) and the 10:30 AM Principal Mass (Sunday).     

The hymns can be found in the blue binders, also in the pews. There are two books in those blue binders: first, Today’s Missal, which contains the readings and Propers of the Mass (the yellow pages in Spanish), as well as select seasonal hymns; and second, the Music Issue, which contains the bulk of the hymns. The hymn numbers are posted on the boards to the left and right of the altar, and are also called out by the cantors during the Mass. 

Fr. Marc will be available to hear Confessions during Advent on two consecutive Sundays between the Masses: Sunday Dec. 14th and Sunday Dec. 21st from 8:50 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel confession room. Confessions will end promptly at 9:45 a.m. The normal Confessions every Sat. at 4:35 p.m. are still in place. You may also schedule an appointment during the week by calling Fr. Marc at the office or the rectory.

Christmas Pageant DATES
After all three Masses on Saturday,  December 13 and Sunday, December 14,  a group of the parish high school and grade school students will be performing a Christmas Pageant in the church. The show's running time is between 15 and 20 minutes, and it will include well-known Christmas carols.  The congregation will be encouraged to join in the singing. The Saturday performance will be followed by a potluck dinner served in the hall. After the Sunday 10:30 Mass, there will be a Christmas Coffee Hour.

There will be a St. Vincent de Paul collection after masses on December 13-14. Thank you for your generosity in helping Vashon families in need.

The Advent Giving Tree needs your support. If you are able, please take a tag from the tree, purchase the item, and return the wrapped gift with the tag attached to the church by December 21st. If for any reason you are unable to return your gift by December 21st, please contact Diane at 253-579-4683.

The Archbishop’s office has provided a free booklet for the families at St John Vianney, called, “An Advent Pilgrimage, Preparing Our Hearts for Jesus” by Archbishop J. Peter Sartain. They are located in the vestibule. We have a limited supply, so please only take one per family.

Nancy Zellerhoff Funeral Mass
The Nancy Zellerhoff Funeral Mass will be Saturday Dec. 20th at 11 a.m.
There will be cremated remains, no body or casket.

Monday night community meal - December 15th, 5:00 pm at the Methodist Church.   Help is needed with salads, bread and dessert for the community meal on December 15th, 2014.   During this cold ,damp time of the year a hot meal can mean a great deal to someone who is homeless.  If you can help with this important and appreciated community service, please contact Lucy Clarke at , 206-683-8622, or sign up on the sheet in the vestibule. Help honor the presence of  Christ our homeless Vashon neighbors this advent.

Called to Protect For Ministries - Dec 10th 2-5pm 
Child abuse is a tragic reality that affects not only our Church but the entire community. When one in every four girls and one in every five boys are abused before the age of 18, it is a problem that can not be ignored. We must all work together to be a part of the solution. 

A child & vulnerable adult abuse prevention training will be offered here this week, December 10th from 2-5pm.

This course is required training for all clergy, employees and applicable volunteers but is open to anyone wanting to learn more about the subject matter. Training is facilitated by a designated trainer of the Archdiocese of Seattle certified by Praesidium, Inc. To register for this free seminar go to: or call Ken Drew (360) 657-1933.