Announcements 6/14

Be sure to mark your calendars for Sunday, July 26th, 1:30-4:30 for a wonderful afternoon of fellowship, great food, fun music, beer garden, rummage sale, bake sale, games, and other entertainment. There are lots of opportunities for assistance in various areas; sign-up sheets are out in the lobby for all manner of ways to help. Please take time to look those over and opt in. As structured, it is easy to spend an hour or two, and enjoy the remainder of the bake with friends and family. Hope to see you there!! Questions, please contact the coordinators, 
Mary Fran Lyons: 
 Jim Roy:
 Phone 567-5523.


There will be a collection after all masses this weekend, June 13th & 14th, to support those in need on Vashon through the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Thank you for your faithfulness to our mission.

FUN RUN MEETING Fun Run meeOng a\er the 10:30 am mass June 14th, 2015. 

Please bring ideas for names and publicity.


$3 per CD (DonaOon)
$5 per Book (DonaOon)
There are several new arrivals at the Lighthouse Catholic Media stand. Be sure to check them out.


Living Life by Design, Not by Default by Fr. Mike Schmitz
With so much technology at our fingerOps, it can be tough not to get swept away in all the noise and the clucer. Listen as Fr. Mike Schmitz explains how we need to live an intenOonally ChrisOan life within a technological age.

We would like to thank everyone who has responded to the Annual Catholic Appeal! If you have responded and your name is not listed below, please contact the office. If you have not responded yet, please take the Ome to prayerfully consider what you can give. Consider $1/day or $365. If you cannot give that much, give what you feel is right for you – no donaOon is too small! If you cannot give financially, fill out an envelope giving prayer. You can donate using an ACA envelope in the pew or online at Thank-you!
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