Announcements 6/9

St. John Vianney’s Brand New Confirmed Catholics
June 1, 2019
Jerome Daly              B. Pier Giorgio Frassati
Elijah Dougher           St. Peter the Fisherman, 
Isabella Nuxoll           St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, 
Guy Stricherz            St. Maximilian Kolbe
Meredith Pottinger     St. Maria Goretti
Gabrielle Graves       St. Gabriel the Archangel
Gianna Ghigleri         St. Rita of Cascia
Charlotte Gunn          St. Raymond Nonnatus
Kimberly Baumann    St. Elizabeth (St. Olaf Parish), 
Ursa Medeiros           St. Benedict
Kaitlyn Bonaventura  St. Joan of Arc
Stephen Daly             St. Michael the Archangel
Flora Dougher            St. Teresa of Avila
Isabella Dougher       St. Augustine of Hippo

It was a truly joyous time here at SJV last Saturday evening as our parish witnessed the Sacrament of Confirmation at the 5:00 Mass celebrated by Bishop Daniel H. Mueggenborg, Fr. David, and Fr. David H. Young of St. Olaf Parish. Spirits were very high among our 13 Confirmandi, and the bishop’s very vigorous conferring of the Holy Spirit and hortatory homily also matched the Confirmandi’s spirits. The energetic feeling moved right into the festively decorated Social Hall for the fantastic fiesta Jaculin Dougher threw with her band of helpers. All enjoyed her wonderful chicken fajitas. There were plenty of traditional Mexican side dishes as well as salads and sweets which were contributed by the rest of the Confirmation families. The pep and good cheer were very evident, as well as the margaritas being passed. We would like to thank everyone who so generously donated their time, their culinary skills, their decorating expertise, their clean up energy, and especially their faith to make Confirmation 2019 a truly great day for our parish.
The list of those deserving of recognition is very long. People on that list know who they are, and we ask that you please accept the gratitude of your parish.
Extra acknowledgment must be given to the following:
  • Fr. David, Confirmation Catechist
  • Mary Lawrence, Director of Faith Formation who coordinated every detail along the way and assisted Father
  • Jaculin Dougher, Chief chef, decorator, and party thrower
  • Janice Campbell and Peggy Ghigleri, Jaculin’s “co-‘s”
  • The parents of the Confirmandi, who have led their children to this point in their faith
  • The sponsors, who have pledged to provide a guiding role as our newly Confirmed continue in faith:  Annette Bonaventura, Collin Medeiros, Dennis Carda, Janice Campbell, Cynthia Delgado, Peggy Ghigleri, Brian Dougher, Maria Pottinger, Andrew Folkestad, Marcus Daly, Lawrence Nuxoll, Heidi Tosterud, and Jay Stricherz
  • Our newly Confirmed young people, who are an inspiration to our parish as they commit themselves to a Catholic life

Thank you to all of you from your parish.

Thank you to our parishioners who have already responded to the needs of our Church in Western Washington through the 2019. 
Annual Catholic Appeal by donating money and prayers to help people right their lives. It is important that every SJV family returns a pledge form, listing your monetary or prayer pledge. So today please place your pledge envelope (you have one at your fingertips in this Bulletin!) in the collection basket. Thank you to the 79 SJV families who have responded and for the $32,215 you have pledged toward our $42,000 goal—we are about 77% of our way there.

Get ready for Pentecost Pancakes after the 10:30 Mass next weekend!
Many, many pancakes have been flipped and enjoyed at SJV, and we are still counting. This is a great treat we have at SJV, and we would like the tradition to continue, so we need more people pitching in. Please ask Janice, Bruce, and Mike where they can use your help after you finish your delicious brunch.
Help is needed:
  • collecting the donation $$’s
  • serving the pancakes
  • kitchen clean up.
Pancake payment goes into the basket. The suggested donation is $5 per person or $15 per family to allow the parish to cover the costs.

This weekend after all Masses there will be a collection for St. Vincent de Paul. Thank you for your willingness to support our neighbors here on Vashon who sometimes need help in feeding their-families or paying an unexpected bill.

*Youth Faith Formation Sunday morning classes are over for this academic year. The SJV catechists look forward to seeing everyone back in September. And we’ll see you at Mass until then.

*Fr.’s weekly Gospel Reading Study Group is also on summer break. For those who would enjoy following Bishop Mueggenborg’s reflections on the Gospels over the summer, we have a printed copy available in Fr.’s office, and are happy to print more for anyone who would like one.

*Vacation Bible School -- During the summer our younger students (ages 5-11) have the opportunity to combine their faith development with fun, so sign up for the All-Island Vacation Bible School that we are hosting at SJV, August 12-16. Please look for the registration forms on the tables in the vestibule and the breezeway.

*SJV Frassati Youth Group, Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm
Youth age 13-18 are invited to join our youth group, with
youth mentors Collin Medeiros and Heidi Tosterud. We
meet Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 pm at the church. Come for
fun, faith sharing, and fellowship!

"The higher we go, the better we shall hear the voice of
Christ" - Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Young and caring Christian stewards, please note the wonderful supply of brand new balls Fr. David has just picked up for you. For two + months you had been properly returning the sporting equipment to the ball bin, but then things fell apart in the last couple of weeks. All the balls found on the field have gone to Grannie’s Attic. But Fr. David wanted our young athletes to have another opportunity… another chance. So he replaced the old sporting goods bin with a new bin and filled it with NEW sports equipment: three soccer balls, two basketballs, one volleyball, one kickball, one football, and some Frisbees.  This will be the only time the sports equipment is replaced.  It is Fr.’s hope that we all will take better care of the new sports equipment.  Parents, your help is needed too—possibly a reminder that before your children can get in your car, the balls need to be in the bin. Thank you.  

“I am with you always, until the end of the age." Is God in your marriage?  The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend is at the Sheraton Hotel, Bellevue on August 9-11, 2019.  Apply at  For more information leave a message at 206-772-2344.  Sign up today.

Our summer Baptism weekend will be August 3 & 4
If you plan to baptize your child that weekend, the Baptismal Preparation Class will be held on July 25 at 7PM . At least one parent and one godparent must attend this class. Please contact the SJV Office (206-567-4149 or in advance of the Preparation Class to let us know that you and your child’s godparent plan on attending.

As a welcome to our parish and a thank you for celebrating Confirmation, Fr. David asked that we assemble a gift basket of local Vashon items, preferably made by parishioners, for Bishop Mueggenborg.  At the end of Mass, Father presented this super all-SJV gift basket to the bishop, who accepted it gratefully (and with extra enthusiasm for Father’s chocolate chip cookies!).
Thank you very much to the parishioners who filled the basket with their homemade specialties:
  • Jo Ann Bardeen:  Jars of raspberry jam and dilly beans
  • Mary Ann Beardsley:  Beaded Bookmark
  • Leslie Carda:  Handmade coffee mugs
  • Kris Cushing:  Hand painted Vashon locale notecards and the card for the Bishop with a painting of the church
  • Marcus Daly:  Handmade cross
  • Robert Kajca:  Home-roasted coffee
  • Matt Lawrence:  Camp Colvos beer
  • Fr. David:  Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Collin and Rebecca Medeiros:  Burton Hill Farm goat cheese
  • Linda Peterson: Dried flowers

And thank you to Leslie Perry and Geri Hixson who beautifully decorated the basket with all these goodies. 

Thank you to all for helping to “show off” our parish.

The mowing team is forming for this year. We meet every other Friday from 9:30-11:30 and mow the Church grounds. If you have never driven a riding lawn mower we will teach you how. Please contact the office or call Robert Kajca at 253-579-4682.