St. John Vianney Church during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Private Prayer with the Eucharist:  St. John Vianney will be open for private prayer every day of the week SUN-SAT 9:00am-Noon and FRI 7:00pm-8:00pm. The Eucharist within the monstrance will be in the main sanctuary to allow for required social distancing standards.

Confession and Other Pastoral Needs: Please call the office for an appointment. Social distancing spacing will be followed.

Live streaming of Mass: Fr. David will be recording and live streaming the Sunday Mass from our church. More information on the online links to Sunday Mass and the timing to follow.

Additional Worship and Prayer from Home:
8:30 AM: Daily Mass from St. James Cathedral (via the Archdiocesan link)

Noon Daily: Prayer with Fr. David; Stations of the Cross on Fridays

7:00 PM Daily: Fr. David will pray the Rosary with our parish each evening

Stations of the Cross: A link to Fr. David praying the Stations of the Cross from our parish will be available on Fridays at noon. More information on the online links to follow.                                                                                                                                                            
Outdoor Stations of the Cross: Our Stations of the Cross and Rosary Garden path has been cleaned of winter deadfall. Parishioners can pray the Stations in our garden when convenient for you and your family.

Best Contact Number: Please call the parish number, 206-567-4149. Messages will be checked. If more urgent, please call the parish’s Sacramental Emergencies number:  206-408-7670. 

Public Masses, Faith Formation Classes, and Sacramental Prep are all cancelled until further notice.